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Modular Home Floor Plans — How Customizable are They?

Modular homes and pre-fabricated homes aren’t the “cookie-cutter” houses that they were decades ago. There’s a misconception that you give up a certain amount of customization when you choose to build your home using modular or sectional construction. This simply isn’t true. In fact,  modular home floor plans are extremely versatile and customizable—almost anything that…
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In-House Experience

Commodore has launched a new In-House Experience!! A great tool to customize an exterior and a kitchen to the colors you would like in your new home. Currently we have the 2014 product colors loaded into this system and will update them as the colors change for 2015. The exterior has all of the siding,…
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Trends for 2015

Current cabinet design trends indicate that, by 2015, new homes will be greener, and offer more casual living space. Open floor plans satisfy a desire for gathering and connecting and these spaces transition easily for multi-purpose uses – integrating foyer, kitchen, dining , and living functions. Dedicated rooms are now devoted to specialized needs such…
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