I just wanted to send a brief note expressing my. satisfaction with the "Paradise" experience.

From the first visit to Paradise, to the home set/delivery we have been made feel very welcomed, informed and comfortable. Leah was never made to feel she was being "pushed" into buying a home, you and your team have always kept us informed & update. At this point there has been no hidden costs. And the comfort that comes from knowing that Ron & Tim ( and there years' experience) are supervising all the work and managing all the issues that can occur has been beyond such a tremendous relief.

Of course we have not seen the finished product but I am sure Leah we be pleased. Thanks again for making this, so far a pleasurable experience!

As you know this was a big decision for Leah and I was somewhat hesitate, due to her age, and financial commitment. But thanks to everyone being so efficient at their job, I have been stress free.

Sincerely, Cindy

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