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Frequently Asked Questions

Are looking for a new home or thinking of buying? You probably have some questions. Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions and see if your questions are addressed here. If not, feel free to contact us.

A major difference of manufactured or modular home construction is the reduced move-in time from start to finish. Simultaneous site clearing, excavation, foundation installation and utility work occur at the home-site while craftsmen and craftswomen are busy building your manufactured home in a climate controlled factory.

Additionally, most framing, drywall, electrical and plumbing components, bath fixtures, countertops, cabinetry, and flooring are installed at the factory, which greatly enhances affordability, reduces pilferage, and reduces the need for multiple on-site subcontractors.

The smaller amount of time required to complete your new home results in a reduction of construction loan interest payments.

Another difference is that manufactured and modular homes are constructed in a controlled environment without rain, snow or sun weathering the material before it is assembled to become a component of your new home. We believe it is better to assemble all the materials out of the weather using jigs to make sure everything is being built to the measured specifications.

After the materials are assembled in the plant, the modules are ready for delivery to your site. Manufactured and modular homes are built with more materials to withstand the rigors of being transported to your home site. There is less onsite waste, and your new home is weather tight and locked up on the very first day.

Most Paradise Homes come complete with a ten-year structural warranty. This third-party endorsement provides excellent protection for your new home and provides peace of mind for you on this major investment. The warranty also transferable to the new owner if you decide to sell your home during the coverage period, adding an attractive feature to a potential buyer.

Some product warranties such as shingles and siding materials are longer and are covered by the product manufacturer.

Manufactured and modular homes are financed much like site built homes, beginning with a construction loan to make payments during the building process. Upon completion of the home, an end mortgage of up to 30 years is put into place.

We work with many financial institutions that understand the benefits of manufactured and modular home building.

Manufactured homes, often called single or double wides, are built accordint to the Federal HUD building code. They are built on a non- removable steel chassis and can be placed on a temporary foundation, such piers. Modular homes are built to the same local, county, and state building codes as stick-built homes.

We build within 100 miles of our office, located at 1894 Grafton Road in Morgantown, WV. We are licensed to build in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We can offer turn-key projects and additional site work within 50 miles.

We do not offer any in-house financing, but we can work with the lender of your choice. You will need a new construction loan. We would be happy to refer you to local lenders that we have successfully worked with.

Definitely not! We try to offer a variety of homes in our models, but the options are truly endless. Each of our manufacturers offers many floorplans, and we can even custom build the floorplan of your dreams.

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