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Modular construction is a process in which a building is constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions. Modular construction uses the same grades of lumber and materials as traditional homes and are designed to the same codes and standards as traditional homes. However, building them in a climate-controlled indoor factory setting ensures that the building materials are protected against the elements for long-lasting quality.

Modular homes are built in modules that are then transported to the site for completion. From there, the modules are assembled using traditional construction methods.

There are many advantages to modular construction. Modular homes are:

  • High quality
    • Built to same code requirements as traditional homes
    • Materials stay dry and safe from elements
    • 20-30% more dimensional lumber
  • Affordable
    • Combining modular and site construction helps save 10 to 20% over traditional construction – and that’s savings that we pass on to our customers
  • Efficient
    • Less waste in materials
    • Fine-tuned process results in shorter construction times
  • Less stress
    • Streamlined process with one point of contact through sales and build process

Manufactured vs Modular

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