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What is a factory built home?

What is a factory built home?

You may have heard the term "factory built home" and wondered just what that meant. Surprisingly, it's exactly what it sounds like: it's a home built in a factory.

Q: Wait - you can build a home in a factory?

A: Well, sure. You just need a BIG factory.

Most things we own are built in factories, from cell phones to automobiles. So why not a house? Factory-built products offer highly consistent quality because each component is built to exacting specifications. Factory built products also are built more quickly thanks to specialized procedures.

A factory built home is no different; factory built homes are known for consistently high quality and faster construction. The quality of the materials are rigorously evaluated and inspected, and because your home is built inside, the materials aren't damaged or weathered by the outside elements. It's faster to build a house in a factory as well, for several reasons:

  • Builders specialize in doing one specific job, such as installing windows or shingles. This is all they do every day, so they are very skilled and very efficient.
  • There's no wasted time traveling to a new job site every few weeks. All the tools and materials are in the same location every day, making setup and clean-up easy and fast.
  • Since our builders work inside, there are very few delays when it rains or snows or is too cold or too hot. It's always nice and dry in our factories!

The difference between Modular Homes and Manufactured Homes

There are two main types of factory built homes: Modular Homes and Manufactured Homes, and Paradise Homes offers many variations of both! Let's discuss each type in detail:

Modular Homes

Modular homes are extremely versatile and highly customizable. Almost anything you can build with traditional methods can also be build using modular construction; ranch, cape cod, and even large 2 story homes can all be built this way, and you can add dormers, porches, and even multiple roof lines to customize your home just for you!

As the name implies, a modular home is built in multiple "modules" or sections. Each section is built to about 80% completion, then shipped to the home site to be "set" on the foundation and attached to one another. Think of building several separate boxes, then attaching those boxes together. That's the basic concept of modular construction.

Modular homes are very modern and an excellent value, and meet or exceed local building codes. Many of the display homes at our office are modular homes.

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are designed to be low-cost housing—what are often referred to as "double-wides," "HUD homes," or "mobile homes." These homes are built in a factory in a very specific way and to a different set of standards than traditionally built or modular homes. For one, manufactured homes are built on a permanent chassis or frame, allowing these homes to be moved multiple times - hence the term "Mobile Home."

Manufactured homes are built with a long, one-level design, but the interior amenities can vary greatly. Each manufactured home is built to HUD standards, and are an excellent low-cost value. At Paradise Homes, we have a great selection of manufactured homes on our lot and available to customize to your needs.

Putting It All Together

Both manufactured homes and modular homes are built in factories, but they offer different features that meet the needs of different homebuyers. if you'd like to learn more about factory built homes, CONTACT US or stop by our office in Morgantown WV where we can walk you through our display homes and discuss your needs.

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