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Modular Home Construction: A Higher Quality and Value Product vs Traditional Construction

Modular Home Construction: A Higher Quality and Value Product vs Traditional Construction

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With continually advancing modern modular construction technology, the quality difference between modular homes and the comparative lesser quality stick-built home solutions has never been greater. It stands to reason that because of this, the demand for modular home construction is skyrocketing as a result. Anyone considering new home construction simply must get educated about the modular home construction process and how it will deliver significantly overall quality and value to the home buying process.

The process of building in this manner delivers a degree of speed and precision fitting that human craftsmen simply can’t duplicate. A significant percentage of the modular home construction process is precisely computer-controlled within our factory. Computer-assisted construction delivers a level of precision that human craftsmen simply cannot approach. This process vastly reduces waste and errors that often are hidden within the traditional stick-building process. Computer assisted construction is faster too.

For example, a stick-built home’s frame can’t be initiated until after the lot is graded and the foundation poured. In modular home construction, key components of the build out can be constructed simultaneously with lot and foundation work is ongoing. Speed of buildout is but one advantage of modular home construction for your next Morgantown (WV) area home.

So many of you have not ever laid eyes upon a custom modular home. Be prepared to be amazed at the difference that our award-winner custom modular home process can deliver to you in terms of overall quality and cost saving value. Let us personally explain and demonstrate this for you. Contact Paradise Homes.

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