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Want a new home by spring? Start planning now!

Want a new home by spring? Start planning now!

It's cold. There's snow on the ground and icicles hanging from your roof. Plow trucks are out in force trying to clear the roads. You're in your living room, stuffing towels under the door to try to keep the cold air from pushing through the cracks, when you have a revelation:

It's time for a new house.

The good news is that you can be moving into a new home by spring! That's right: in just a few short months, you could be decorating your brand new, energy-efficient home with all the amenities you've dreamed of. Sound too good to be true? Try us!

At Paradise Homes, we have special processes that help us to build a new home for you in a matter of weeks, not months. How do we do it? By Building modular!

Because our homes are ordered and built in a climate controlled environment, your new home is being built offsite at the same time your foundation is being prepared. This can cut construction time almost in half, because we can build many different sections simultaneously.

The construction professionals building your house are highly specialized in building the same part of a home over and over. Your roof, for example, is built by an expert that only builds roofs, day in and day out. This means that the job is done quickly, and it's done right.

We also aren't as hindered by bad weather. Your house is built inside, so there are no rain or snow delays as there might be with a traditional site-built house. No delays = faster completion.

A new house in just a few weeks. Amazing, right? Well, there is a one catch: You have to start planning now.

There's a lot of planning involved with building the home of your dreams, but winter is a great time to do this! Here are some items you'll need to determine before we start to build:

Where to Live?

The first part of the "new home equation" is finding a piece of land on which to build. What part of town can you see yourself living in? What land is available to build in that area? The lot you build on will determine many different things, including how big your house can be, what kind of foundation you'll need, and even the home layout. Want our experts to come out to look at your land and give you some ideas? No problem!


Do you have a ballpark budget of what you can spend on your new home? You don't need to head to the bank for pre-approval, but it's good to have at least a rough idea of what you can and can't comfortably afford. A ballpark budget will help us zero in on the right plan for you.

Home Style:

Do you like the easy one-level living of a Ranch? Or maybe you prefer the classic American Cape Cod? You can check out the pros and cons of different home styles HERE, or stop by our office to walk through our selection of model homes to see what styles you like.

"Must Have" items:

There are a number of amenities, features, and items that are "must haves" for your new home - make a list of things your really don't want to live without. These could include a 2-car garage, open floor plan, big kitchen, jet-tub in the master bath, etc.

"Wish List" items:

Make another list of things that you'd love to include in your new house, but aren't deal-breakers. These lists will help our experts to fit the right floorpans to your specific needs.


We can customize existing flooplans, or create brand-new plans from scratch, depending on your needs and wants.


Once we have the plan set, we can start looking at different options for colors, flooring, countertops, cabinets, lighting, and other details. Once we have everything just right, we can finalize the financial parts and get moving into the construction phase...and that's where the real fun begins! In a matter of weeks, your new house will be delivered and set on your new foundation, finished, inspected, and ready for you to move in!

The experts at Paradise Homes can walk you through each step of the process, so what are you waiting for? Come talk to one of our experts, tour the model homes on our lot, and let's start planning your new home now!

Just CONTACT US or give us a call at 304-291-0072...or better yet, stop by our office in Morgantown!

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