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6 Tips for Preparing Your West Virginia Home For Spring

6 Tips for Preparing Your West Virginia Home For Spring

It feels like winter has lasted twice as long as it should have, but we have good news: Spring is in the air! This means that soon we'll be able to leave our cabin fever behind, open up our windows and let the crisp, fresh spring air in! It's important to check your home over at the beginning of spring, especially in our West Virginia climate. Winter is tough on a house, and a lot can happen over the course of a few months! Here are a few tips for getting your home ready for spring and summer:

1. Clean Your Gutters

Debris such as leaves and sticks can build up in your gutters over the course of fall and winter, so it's important to clear the path for the upcoming spring showers. Grab a ladder, a garden hose, and some gloves and clean our anything that's collected in your gutters. Start by removing debris by hand, then flush out the rest with the garden hose. Don't forget the downspouts!

2. Wash Your Windows

If you're craving sunshine after a long, dreary winter, cleaning your windows will allow more of it into your house. Dust and dirt collect on the outside panes of your windows over the winter, leaving them dingy. Wash the inside and outside of each window to let the sun in, and don't forget to clean your window treatments as well!

3. De-Clutter Your Interior

Spring Cleaning goes beyond simply pulling out your sofa and vacuuming behind it. This is your opportunity to relieve yourself of the unnecessary clutter that has accumulated in your house over the past season (or year, or decade). Make a plan and go room by room, grouping items into three piles: Keep, Sell/Donate, and Pitch. You'll be amazed at how much larger and cleaner your home will look after a thorough decluttering.

4. Clean Faucets

West Virginia water can cause sediment to accrue inside shower heads and faucets, so if your water pressure seems a little low, you probably just need to clean your faucets! Fill a freezer bag with equal parts vinegar and water and soak your faucets and shower heads for about an hour, then rise them with warm water.

5. Repair Any Damage

Winters are rough on a house, especially in WV, so it's important to give your home a thorough once-over to check for any damage that needs repaired. Check your roof, siding, steps, walkways, windows, and doors to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Make a list of needed repairs and - if you're not handy around the house - call a repair person to help you get the job done right.

6. Wash Your Outdoor Furniture

Don't forget to prepare your outdoor living spaces as well. Clean and stage your outdoor furniture so it's ready for those warm pre-summer days. Use a gentle detergent for delicate materials, or get our the power-washer for the plastic deck furniture. If you follow these simple tips, your home will be ready for spring in no time! Of course, if you find yourself imagining a new home altogether, now is a great time to come in and talk to our team at Paradise Homes! We can sit down and discuss your needs, budget, and tastes and customize a floorpan to suit you. Check out our display homes on our website, or better yet stop by our office in Morgantown to walk through them in person! We're open 6 days a week for your convenience, so stop in today and let's talk! To learn more about the process of buying and building a modular home, download our FREE guide here!

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