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Go Green With a Modular Home - 4 Ways Modular Construction Is Greener Than Stick-Built Homes

Go Green With a Modular Home - 4 Ways Modular Construction Is Greener Than Stick-Built Homes

At Paradise Homes, our mission is to provide the best homes possible to our customers, and that goes beyond simply building great houses at affordable prices. It also means doing our part to care for the environment - I mean, planet Earth is everyone's home, right?

There are so many reasons to "go green" when building your new home - from minimizing your utility bills to minimizing your carbon footprint - but whatever reason you connect with, building modular is a great option to make your new home more efficient and with less negative impact on our environment!

Here are 4 ways Modular construction is greener than stick built houses:

1. Tighter construction means a more energy efficient home.

It's no secret that homes with "loose" framing can create leaks and drafts where you can lose your warm heated air to the cold winter outside (or your cool air to warm West Virginia summers). With very strict building practices and expert construction teams, our modular homes are build with precise, tight framing. Tighter green homes are not only more energy efficient, which saves money; they are also much less drafty, which makes you more comfortable. It promotes better air quality for your family without having to run your furnace or air conditioning as much or as often.

2. Less wasted materials.

Because our modular homes are built in a factory and then assembled onsite in modules, there is much less material waste. Exposure to weather can damage lumber and other building materials, but since our materials are kept indoors, the weather is simply removed from the equation. Also, since our construction teams don't have to bounce around from job site to job site, it's much easier to implement materials recycling programs throughout the factory. Unused materials can be properly recycled rather than being disposed of as trash (as is often the case at traditional construction sites).

3. Reduced transportation energy.

Speaking of not having to bounce from job site to job site, building our homes in a central factory location also helps to minimize our carbon footprint by reducing the amount of fuel needed for our construction teams to get to work. Since most of our builders go to the same factory every day rather than driving to multiple job sites, we burn less gasoline and put fewer greenhouse gases in the air.

4. "Energy Star" Certified.

We offer a line of Commodore's Energy Star homes, which are certified by Energy Star. These homes have a number of eco-friendly improvements, including better insulation, higher quality windows, and more tightly wrapped furnace ducts. In addition, most of our homes include Energy Star certified appliances or the option to upgrade to Energy Star appliances. Since 1992, Energy Star has helped save families nearly 4 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity and achieve over 3 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas reductions, equivalent to the annual emissions of over 600 million cars. What does this mean for you? Higher quality appliances that reduce your electric bill as well as your carbon footprint.

Putting it all Together

Building with modular construction techniques offers a stronger, greener home that is just as customizable as traditional stick-built homes, but with a faster build time and less negative impact on the environment.

These are just a few ways our modular homes are more eco-friendly; if you'd like to learn more about how you can have a beautiful new home while doing your part to save our planet, stop by Paradise Homes to chat with one of our experts. We have a variety of model homes at our sales center that you can tour, all with different options, floorplans, square footage, and styles. You can walk through our models and discuss what features are important to you, where you'd like to build, and what your home will cost. We'll customize a floorpan just for you, and walk you through every step of the home buying process.

Just CONTACT US or give us a call at 304-291-0072...or better yet, stop by our office in Morgantown!

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