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Why Now is the Right Time to Hire a Modular Home Builder in West Virginia

Why Now is the Right Time to Hire a Modular Home Builder in West Virginia

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard people talk about how insanely low mortgage rates are at the moment. Over the past few months, there has been a mad rush by people here in North Central West Virginia to refinance their existing homes, purchase houses that are currently on the market, and upgrade their living space by building a new home.

Currently, mortgage rates have reached a new low, with interest rates dropping well under 3% for some plans. However, no one knows how long it will be before the rates start to go up again. So if you have been planning to build your dream home, now is the ideal time to get started!

There are many home construction options available, but the most cost-effective, energy efficient, and quickest way to go from design to move in day is by working with a modular home builder like Paradise Homes!

What is a Modular Home?

As the name suggests, modular homes are constructed in sections or "modules." These modules are built in a factory, delivered to the building site by a big truck, placed by a crane onto the foundation, and connected together to build the final structure. Once all the modules are in place, the on-site construction team ties all the seams together, adds porches and garages (if that's part of the plan), hooks up the utilities, and puts the finishing touches on the interior with paint, trim, flooring, etc.

Though the finishing process can take several weeks, it's almost magical to watch a new home appear on your land over the course of a single day!

Benefits of Modular Home Construction

When you hire a modular home builder in West Virginia like Paradise Homes, you make a smart choice! Here are just a few reasons that modular homes are a great idea:

  1. Modular Homes Are Energy Efficient
    Homeowners often choose modular homes to achieve energy efficiency, either to help the environment or simply so they can save money on utility bills. Modular home builders are maximizing energy efficiency by implementing various methods such as installing LED lighting, using higher rated insulation, offering Energy Star approved appliances, and even working with recyclable materials.
  2. Modular Homes Take Less Time to Build
    Modular homes are quick to build. On average, a traditional stick-built home takes more than 10-12 months to build. On the other hand, you can usually complete a modular home within half that time. Because our homes are built in a factory-like setting, the main part of your home is being built offsite at the same time your foundation is being prepared, allowing you to move into your new home sooner.
  3. Modular Homes Prices Are Affordable
    There are many factors at play in determining the cost of a home, but modular construction is usually less expensive than stick-built homes in many ways. For instance, since they are built off-site under proper monitoring, modular homes don't cause delays that are common in other construction methods. And because each part of the module is build by a highly-trained specialist, there is less waste and less mistakes that need to be fixed. Between materials and labor savings, modular homes prices are on average 15% more affordable than stick-built homes.

Final Thoughts

By selecting a modular means of construction, you can take advantage of a quick, cost-effective, efficient, and eco-friendly way of building a new home. And with mortgage rates at an all-time low allowing you to save even more on your monthly house payment, now is the time to hire a modular home builder to build the home you've always wanted!

If you'd like to learn more about modular homes, give us a call or stop by our office in Morgantown WV where we can walk you through our display homes, discuss your needs, and customize a floorpan just for you.

To learn more about the process of buying and building a modular home, download our FREE guide here!

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